Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh So Sweet!

I have been wanting to make these iced sugar cookies that my mom makes for all her parties and I thought my sister-in-laws baby shower would be the perfect time to try it out! We used a little baby onesies cookie cutter, so cute!  They take a bit of time, but worth it. Bag each cookie individually with a ribbon and coordinating tag and they become the perfect favor. Not only are they adorable, they're so delicious!
I couldn't decided which tag was cuter so I used them all! Perfect for our vintage shower theme. 
Here is the invitation for the vintage baby shower.


  1. Your work is great! The presentation is beautiful!! Thanks for following my blog!! Very Exciting.. I only have 3.. but the best 3 of course! :)

  2. Hi Judy, found your blog though beingRuby..I just love your work, your header is stunning and your blog too! I will be back for lots of visits.

  3. Hi Judy-I love everything you do. You're so talented!!